Start Strong!!  Finish Strong!!!  
Time Management is KEY!!!
Smart Choices....a Necessity!

Make Memories
Study Hard
Have Fun!!

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Monday, January 22

The bus for HS wrestlers will be here at 3:15.

Quiz bowl will leave after 8th hr today.  Meet in the Cafeteria after you check in with your Learning Lab.

A reminder to all Sophomores that the sign-up sheet for the Whiteside Area Career Center tours is on Mrs. Pilgrim's door.  Also, permission slips and field trip forms are on the Media Center counter.  All forms are due back Thursday, the tour is this Friday.  

National Drug Facts Week:

Drinking and driving can add up to tragic endings.  Each year 4,300 people under the age of 21 die from alcohol-related vehicle crashes, homicides, suicides, frowning and other injuries.  Drinking and driving accidents were 35% of those.  That's 1,500 teens who didn't get a real chance at life because of alcohol.

Friday, January 19

The bus for HS wrestlers will be here at 3:15.

Have a great weekend!  

Have Fun, 
Be Safe,
Make Smart Choices,
See you Monday.  :D