Algebra II-B

Course Description:

               This is a course that focuses on the studying of the following topics as well as problem solving and real-life application: linear and quadratic equations, linear inequalities, graphing, simplifying polynomials, measurement, powers and roots, and statistics. 

Course Outline:

               Semester 1

Chapter 1:  Linear Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 2:  Linear Functions and Inequalities

Chapter 3:  Quadratic Equations (Solutions)

Chapter 4:  Quadratic Functions Graphing

Semester 2

Chapter 5:  Polynomials (Sums, Products, & Quotients)

Chapter 6:  Rational Expressions

Chapter 7:  Powers, Roots, Radicals, & Fractional Exponents

Chapter 13:  Measurement and Statistics


Materials Needed:

     Each day, bring the following materials to class:

  1. Pencil and eraser 
  2. Calculator
  3. Paper
  4. Laptop


Grading Percentages:

               35 %      Tests and major projects

               30 %      Quizzes and minor projects

               25 %      Homework

       10 %      Class Participation