Algebra I

Course Description:

            This is course that focuses on the study of the following topics as well as problem solving and real-life application: integers and rational numbers, graphing and solving equations, solving linear inequalities, exponents and powers, polynomials and factoring, systems of equations, probability, statistics, absolute value, rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, functions and graphs, and quadratic equations.


Course Outline:

Semester 1

    Preparing for Algebra (Ch 0)

    Expressions, Equations, and Functions (Ch 1)

            Linear Equations (Ch 2)

            Linear Functions (Ch 3)

            Linear Functions and Relations (Ch 4)

            Linear Inequalities (Ch 5)


Semester 2

     Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities (Ch 6)

     Probability and Statistics

     Polynomials (Ch 7)

     Factoring and Quadratic Equations (Ch 8)

            Quadratic and Exponential Functions (Ch 9)

            Radical Functions and Geometry (Ch 10) – selected sections

            Rational Functions and Equations (Ch 11) – selected sections


Course Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Evaluate and simplifying expressions
  • Solve linear equations
  • Solve problems involving rations, proportions, and percents
  • Investigate properties of a line
  • Write and graph linear equations expressed in numerous forms
  • Solve and graph linear inequalities
  • Use data as a basis for statistical computing and reasoning
  • Graph and solve systems of equations using different methods
  • Perform basic operations on monomials and polynomials
  • Factor and solve polynomial equations
  • Solve quadratic equations with graphing, completing the square, and using the quadratic formula.
  • Simplify radical expressions


Materials Needed:

            Each day, bring the following materials to class:

  1. Folder
  2. Pencil and eraser (ABSOLUTELY NO PENS) – Work done in pen will not count!!!
  3. Calculator
  4. Paper
  5. Laptop

Grading Percentages:

            35 %    Tests and major projects

            25 %    Quizzes and minor projects

            20 %    Homework

              5 %    Binder

    15 %    Class Participation