Head, Adam

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Special Education Teacher at Eastland Junior/Senior High School
Phone: 815-493-6341

"Good things happen to good people, who work hard."

As a special education teacher, I believe that every student has the ability to learn and grow. I take pride in seeing my students grow and mature throughout their time spent at Eastland Jr./ Sr. High School. I like to have a lot of fun inside and outside of the classroom. Outside of the classroom I enjoy coaching basketball and baseball here at Eastland Jr./ Sr. High School. I truly believe in the quote stated above. 

Basic Math I,II,III,IV

Students are expected to attend class regularly and be ready to get to work each day in class. Students in this class are also expected to be independent learners when they are working through different objectives throughout the course.  Basic math classes use the Accelerated Math program which allows them to work at their own pace and level. The Accelerated Math program is a web-based program that allows the teacher to progress monitor, assess, and alter instruction based on assessment information on a daily basis. Because this program is individualized to every student, there is no course syllabus. Grades are based off students classwork completed and the Accelerated Math tests over mastered math objectives in the program. 

Basic English I, II, III, IV

Students are expected to attend class regularly and be willingly ready to work. Students in this class are also expected to do their best at anything put in front of them. Basic English classes use the Language! and Language! Live programs. This program provides an assortment of different activities that will improve student's vocabulary, spelling, writing and reading. Language! Live incorporates technology in many aspects of the program including the use of blogs, tutorials and videos that students will use to engage in learning. Grades are based off students classwork, content mastery tests provided by the Language! and Language! Live programs and a reflection/summary students will complete each week.   


P1 - Basic English & Study Skills
P2 - 7th Math, Basic Math & Study Skills
P3 - Study Skills
P4 - Prep
P5 - Prep
P6 - Co-Teach Construction Tech
P7 - Basic Math & Study Skills
P8 - Basic English & Study Skills

2017 Eastland Baseball Schedule

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2016-2017 Basketball Schedule

Click HERE to access the 2016-2017 7th and 8th grade Basketball practice and game schedule. 

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