Haverland, Kim

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Mrs. Kim Haverland

About Me:
I was born and raised on a small dairy farm south of Pearl City. I am a graduate of Pearl City High School class of 1997.  Following high school I received my Bachelors degree from Eastern Illinois University.  I was married to my husband, Matt, in 2003.  We soon moved back to Lanark to enjoy the small town life, and make sure our three children have a solid education.  After seven years as a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate I returned to my first love of teaching. This is my sixth year with the Eastland student body who I enjoy immensely. I can't wait to see what the 2017-2018 school year has in store!

I currently teach FACS I, FACS II, Adult Living, and Parenting.  All of my classes are semester long classes. The first semester classes are Introduction to Foods and Nutrition, Intermediate Foods, and Adult Living. Second semester Introduction to Sewing and Textiles, Child Development, and Parenting are the classes that are offered. If you have any questions in regards to any of these classes please feel free to contact me via my phone or email. 

phone: 815-493-6341


P5 Prep

P6 S1 - Adult Living
Topics discussed include inter-personal and family relationships. This includes the study of heredity, values, problem solving, decision making, marriage roles, wedding costs, successful marriage, and divorce. 

P6 S2 - Parenting
Responsibilities of parenthood and alternative ways of meeting the needs of children and parents will be the focus. Adolescent pregnancies, birth defects, adoption, interactions between children and family members, and the availability of community and social services are all vital topics covered in the course. Students will have the opportunity to carry computerized babies to simulate the demands of parenthood.


This course introduces students to the field of family and consumer sciences and the many career opportunities available in this broad field.  The course includes theory and laboratory experiences in the following content areas: nutrition and culinary arts; textiles and design; family, career, and community leadership development; resource management; human development and life-long learning; facility design, care, and management; and interpersonal relationships and life management skills.



An intermediate course that includes classroom and lab experiences needed to develop knowledge and understanding of food principles and nutrition. It emphasizes nutrition, sanitation, advanced food preparation techniques, careers, 
and use and care of equipment. Emphasis is also placed on learning experiences, which will help students gain knowledge and understanding of the intellectual, physical, moral, social and emotional development of children from toddler through 6 years. Student observations and lab experiences with young children are part of the course. This course is a good choice for anyone interested in a career that involves working with children.