Consumer Education

Consumer Education

Eastland High School

Fall 2016


Mr. Eich

(815) 493-6341

Prep Hours: 1st and 5th

Materials Needed Each Class:

  1. Laptop

  2. Pen or Pencil

  3. Folder

  4. Paper

Course Overview:

This course is aimed at providing students with basic skills in banking and it's services, credit availability and use, the purchase of and needs for insurance, budgeting needs at all levels of life, savings and investments, and other pertinent consumer topics. Consumer rights and responsibilities and the role government plays in consumer decisions will also be covered.

Course Objectives:

1. Students will understand that consumer resources are largely dependent

upon one’s choices of occupations and careers.

2. Students will understand how progressive, regressive and proportional taxes affect different income groups and how to complete a federal income tax form and a state income tax form.

3. Students will understand that a budget is a plan for spending income.

4. Students will develop a plan for saving and investing, based on personal

and family values and goals, and on future financial needs and identify the types of financial institutions and the services they offer;

5. Students will understand consumer credit and its relationship to the

economy; know the requirements of establishing and maintaining a good credit rating; know how to use credit intelligently.

6. Students will understand the importance of various types of insurance.

7. Students will evaluate the choices made in buying a vehicle and choosing

appropriate housing.

8. Students will develop an understanding of the factors affecting food and

other consumer purchases and prices.

Units of Study:

Career Exploration, Job Searching, Resume Writing, Mock Interviews, Keeping a Job, Taxes, Budgeting, Banking Services, Investing, Credit, Buying a Car, Housing, Auto & Home Insurance, Health & Life Insurance

The goal of this class is to become an informed consumer. You will be able to use all of this information out in the “real world”.

Grading Policy:


Assignments are both in class and homework. An assignment is anything that is given a grade but does not fall under quiz, test, projects, or participation. All assignments must be turned in by the due date and time to receive full credit.

Quizzes and Tests:

Quizzes may or may not be announced. Tests will always be announced. Tests will be comprehensive and cover material learned in the unit. Students will know ahead of time to prepare accordingly for the test.


Projects will be completed either in a group or alone, the teacher will let the students know before the project is started. Projects that are completed within a group will require students to complete their share of the project to receive credit. The group will need to provide proof of who completed what sections of the project for grading. *Example if students are completing a research paper together they can share a file in google docs and it will keep track of who worked on what sections of the paper.

Class Participation:

Students will receive two participation points each class they attend. In order to get both points students need to follow classroom rules, have required materials, be actively engaged during class, contribute your share during group work, and cannot be working on other class material.


  1. Be on time! You must be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

  2. Be respectful! Show respect to everyone and everything.

  3. Be prepared! Bring daily-required materials to class every day.

  4. All other school rules and policies are in effect.


1st Offense: Verbal warning.

2nd Offense: Detention

3rd Offense: Detention & parental notification.

4th Offense: Automatic referral to Mrs. Burkholder

Make-up Work Due to Absence:

  • YOU are responsible for make-up work after you have been absent from school.

  • If you are absent, you are to always check Schoology to get the assignment.  There will almost always be an electronic version of the assigned homework.  You may also e-mail me to get other information of what you missed when you were gone or to get help with something you do not understand.

  • All missed tests and quizzes can only be made-up before school, after school, or during Learning Lab and NOT during class time.  If you decide to make up a test or quiz, you must allow yourself enough time to complete the whole test in one sitting.

Late Work:

  • Late work is defined as anything turned in after the assignment is due on schoology or I have collected it– even if the work is turned in later that class period, it is still considered late.

  • Late work will be accepted until the day of the test for the given unit.

  • You will receive 75% credit for an assignment turned in anytime within one day after collected and 50% credit for an assignment turned in up until the test for that unit.  

Extra Help:

I will be available before school, after school, or during Learning Lab should you need to see me for extra help.