Health Class

Eastland High School 2018-2019 Health Syllabus

Prepared by:  Colleen Finn-Henze

Course Description

Health is a required course for all freshmen at Eastland High School; as such, a fair amount of time is devoted to discussions on current health topics – what health issues are happening around us, and how they may affect us personally.  Because of the broad scope of Health, however, we are able to do much more than just  discuss. Health ideas are put into practice through activities, skits, commercials, and group work– giving the students the skills required to make good health and fitness a goal for life.

Course Objectives For The Student

-         To understand the importance of their lifestyle choices on their health and well-being.

-         To understand the (6) different areas of health, and the importance of working to improve each one.

-         To develop a sense of individual importance through sharing and writing thoughts about themselves.

-         To show their understanding of nutrition and fitness by developing their own diet and exercise plan.

-         To understand and appreciate what it takes to avoid illness and injury.

-         To understand the basic principles of first aid and safety.

-         To become familiar with ways to manage stress and maintain positive self-esteem.

-         To interpret and apply the principles of consumer safety and health promotion.

-         To discern the different types of diseases, and their effects on the body systems.

Units Of Study

Because Health relates to a wide array of topics, we will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss the following--   
           Responsible Decisions                Health & Wellness

           PhysicalFitness                           Stress Management                              Mental Health            

           Self-esteemBuilding                    Suicide Prevention                               Infectious Diseases

           SexualHealth                                First Aid & Safety                               Systems of the Body

           The Dangersof Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco                                                   STD & HIV

           Consumer &Environmental Health

Some assignment examples which will be handed out during the semester include a health promotion commercial, an interview and discussion with a person you consider to be mentally healthy, and a drug research and presentation project.  You will also be expected to complete personal journal entries on various topics, as well as, plan and develop an exercise and fitness plan.


Grading for this class is based on a point system.  Each activity, homework assignment, quiz,test, etc… will have a point total attached to it.  The points you receive will determine your grade; all points will be totaled to determine weekly, quarterly, and semester grades.  The grading scale is as follows:

100 – 93  =  A             89– 88  = B+         79 – 78  =  C+           69 – 68  =  D+     Below 60 = F

  92 – 90  =  A-            87 – 83  = B          77 – 73  =  C             67 – 63 =  D

                                    82– 80  = B-          72 – 70 =  C-             62 – 60  =  D-

Course Rules

-         Walk into class with a positive attitude.

-         Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher at all times.

-         Be seated when the bell rings, and do not bring in food or drink from the cafeteria.

-         Come to class prepared (i.e. with pencil, paper, folder, labtop etc…)

-         Listen attentively to the speaker – don’t act like it is a chore.

Please feel free to review this outline throughout thesemester; we will be doing a variety of activities that will provide ample opportunities for everyone to get involved.  Keep a positive attitude, and with a little effort everyone will enjoy our discussions and activities

Remember…a commitment to a healthy lifestyle will be one of the most important promises you can make to yourself!!!