Course Expectations

Driver’s Education Syllabus



Mr. Hartman

Phone number:  493-6341



-  Student must pass 8 semester courses during the previous 2 semesters prior to taking driver


-  Student must be 15 years old in order to apply for a permit.


General Course Requirements

  • Turn in all assignments.
  • Cannot miss more than 3 classroom classes
  • Attend all BTW sessions.  Students who miss BTW sessions will be rescheduled at the instructor’s convenience
  • Begin logging the 50 hours you will need to apply for a license by driving with someone 21 or older who has had a driver’s license for at least a year.


Classroom Sessions

Students will take the classroom session 1st or 3rd quarter.  All classroom sessions will be completed by the end of 3rd Quarter.  It is required by the state of Illinois that students have a minimum of 30 hours in the classroom.  During these sessions student will fill out an application for their driver’s license, by doing so students will receive their instruction permit.  This application will cost $20 per student.  Students will be also taking the Illinois Driver’s License Written Examination in the classroom.


Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Sessions

The class will be organized into teams of two to three students for the BTW segment of class.  Each team will be signed up for BTW sessions during the course of the day.  The BTW session will be divided into driving time and observing time.  At the end of the BTW segment of class, students will have logged six hours driving with the instructor and at least 6 hours observing other drivers.  The six hours spent driving with the instructor DO NOT count towards the 50-hour requirement.


Students will also be performing many overlooked, day to day driving techniques that will prepare them for every day driving tasks.  For example: dropping off mail, getting mail from a mail box, going through a bank drive through, going through a fast food drive through, filling up with gas, washing the wind shield… 


Course Materials

Students will be given a Rules of the Road book for them to keep.  This book will also be available on Moodle.  Students will need to bring their laptop, a black/blue pen or pencil, and paper to class each day.  For the BTW sessions, students must have their permit on them to drive.


Road Test

The instructor will administer the road test to students who finish the classroom section of Driver’s Ed with a 90% or better.  All other students will have to take the road test at the Illinois Secretary of State’s office in Chadwick or Freeport.



Grading Scale


100 – 90%


89 – 80%


79 – 70%


69 – 60%


59 – 0%