Freidhof, Lenny

Wife Mollie, Grandson Reagan, Me and Bailey

Welcome to Eastland Science

I am Mr. Freidhof and I teach Chemistry 1, AP Chemistry, Senior Physics & Physics First..  I taught science 1 year at Lanark and Iowa for 3 years until coming to Eastland in 1986.  I received my teaching degree (Chemistry and Physics) from the University of Northern Iowa.  I made Eastland my home because I believe in what we try and accomplish for our students and community.
Schedule for 2017 - 18
Period 1      AP Chemistry
Period 2      AP Chemistry/Prep
Period 3      Prep
Period 4      Senior Physics
Period 5      Chemistry 1
Period 6      Physics 1st
Period 7      Physics 1st
Period 8      Physics 1st
LLab    9th grade section

Feel free to contact me:
phone: 815-493-6341