Course Expectations

Eastland High School Physical EducationSyllabus

                                      Prepared by:  Colleen Finn-Henze & Tony Dunlap

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Course Description

Physical Education is a required course for all students at Eastland High School; it is therefore geared towards the interests and needs of all types of students.  The main expectation of this course is positive participation. In addition, our main goal is to provide each student with the knowledge needed to continue being active and healthy, through developing a fitness plan for their continued lives.

Course Objectives

-         To develop team-building skills through positive participation and physical activity

-         To acquire the proper skills required for participation in a variety of team and individual sports

-         To develop an understanding of the principles of  FITT Frequency/Intensity/ Time/Type

-         To understand the principles of physical fitness so the student can continually assess their progress

-         To understand the importance of aerobic vs. anaerobic exercise to a personal fitness plan, and

-         To apply their knowledge of training by developing a personal fitness plan.

Units Of Study

Throughout the school year, we will be covering a variety of team and individual sports that may include archery, tennis, soccer, team handball, frisbee golf, aerobics, softball, and badminton.  We will also cover golf, track & field, speedball, flag football, and tennis volleyball, as well as perform fitness tests and aerobic exercise.

Course Rules

-         Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and the school’s equipment at all times.

-         Dress each day, appropriately, for class.  P.E. t-shirts must be worn with shorts or sweatpants. Shorts must extend down to the mid-thigh region.  If you habitually fail to dress for class(or dress inappropriately), don’t expect a favorable grade.

-         Be inside the locker room each day by the time the bell rings.

-         No visible jewelry of any kind can be worn for physical education class…No exceptions! Grades will be lowered accordingly for wearing jewelry.

-         Swearing will not be tolerated.

-         A positive attitude is a must!


Grading will be based on three distinct areas:  1) participation in all exercises, 2)dress and positive participation, and 3) written work, quizzes, tests, worksheets, etc… In the area of dress and positive participation, each student will begin the 9-week period with 100 points; it is then up to the individual to maintain that point level throughout the quarter.

Points will be earned each day for successfully completing the exercise routine, positive participation in class, dressing for class, and scores for quizzes, tests, or worksheets. Failure to properly dress for class will result in a 2-point reduction;each subsequent failure to dress will result in a 2-point reduction.  Failing to positively participate daily will result in at least a 2-point reduction, depending on the severity of the incident.  Examples in this area would include pushing, fighting, swearing, poor effort, or general lack of sportsmanship.  Additionally, there will be opportunities to earn make-up points (if not dressing) through writing papers or reports.

Due to the fact that Physical Education is now worth credit hours counting towards a student’s GPA, no one will be excused from class for any reason not related to health or illness.

Grading Scale

100 – 93 = A

  92 – 85 = B

 84 – 78 = C

 77 – 70 = D

69 & below = F

Please feel free to review this outline throughout the year;we will be doing a variety of activities that will provide ample opportunities for everyone to be successful. Keep a positive attitude, and with a little effort everyone will succeed. Remember…a commitment to being physically fit and taking care of your body will be one of the most important promises you can make to yourself!!!

The Physical Education students at Eastland High School have been hard at work the past few weeks, participating and competing in a co-ed Track & Field meet in each class. For each period, the students have been broken into two competing teams;their individual and team times and distances are then being compared with the times and distances from other classes to record an overall tally.  At the conclusion of the unit, we will then present individual class winners, as well as determine an overall school champion.

 The track events consist of the following:  100m, 200m,400m, 800m, and 1600m dash/run, as well as the 400m, 800m, 800m medley, 1600m, and 3200m relays (with the relay teams consisting of two boys and two girls). Field events consist of a softball throw, shot put, standing broad jump,and high jump.  Records have been kept from previous year track units, and each class is challenged to break them.  One record which has already fallen was in the 800m run, where Nick Dye ran the event in 2:21.9 to break the previous time of 2:26.4 held by Todd McIlvanie. Way to go Nick!!!  The students will also be participating in an “Olympic” type activity in May.  Each grade level will compete against one another in a variety of events, which will hopefully generate a lot of friendly competition, class pride, and excitement.

Other winter activities which the Physical Education students took part in included badminton, aerobics, basketball, table tennis, tae-bo, and a trip to the closest bowling alley for the bowling unit.  We lost our outstanding  aerobics instructor Mrs. Hartman due to retirement, hopefully Mrs. Haverland will help us during our block days in February, so we can continue with this activity and assure each class and led us in a great workout and discussion of the importance of “lifetime fitness”.  In closing, the Eastland High Physical Education staff hopes that all of our students - as well as our community members - will strive to continue finding ways to stay “fit for life"
Fit for life includes the entire community so we encourage you to go to the Eastland website and find our fall, spring and summer hours for the Fitness Room.