Algebra II-B

Course Description:

               This is a course that focuses on the studying of the following topics as well as problem solving and real-life application: linear and quadratic equations, linear inequalities, graphing, simplifying polynomials, measurement, powers and roots, and statistics. 

Course Outline:

               Semester 1

Chapter 1:  Linear Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 2:  Linear Functions and Inequalities

Chapter 3:  Quadratic Equations (Solutions)

Chapter 4:  Quadratic Functions Graphing

Semester 2

Chapter 5:  Polynomials (Sums, Products, & Quotients)

Chapter 6:  Rational Expressions

Chapter 7:  Powers, Roots, Radicals, & Fractional Exponents

Chapter 13:  Measurement and Statistics


Materials Needed:

     Each day, bring the following materials to class:

  1. Pencil and eraser 
  2. Calculator
  3. Paper
  4. Laptop

Summative Assessments 100%:

Summative Assessments will always be announced.  These will be in the form of section quizzes and comprehensive tests that will be at the end of each chapter.  Re-do’s will be at TEACHER DISCRETION and will be allowed only on summative assessments.


Formative Assessments:
1) Assigned practice problems

  1. Algebra is a class based on skill and in order to improve your skills, you need to practice.  All assigned practice will be designed and selected to prepare you to apply your skills competently in solving real-world applicable problems.  It is expected that you will show the correct solution (just having the answer is not enough).  A solution consists of each and every step that was used to solve the problem, as well as the final answer that you get.
  2. Completing the practice problems suggested will prepare students for proficiency and/or mastery on summative assessments.

2) Individual Worksheets/Class Exercises/Activities


Academic Success:
1) Watching the lesson videos and completely filling out the notes that go along with it and the PlayPosit answers are a required part of the class.  You will receive a detention for each note video not watched (after the 2nd one per quarter).

2) Group Activities/Worksheets



            Students are required to keep track of their progress throughout the course.  All of your notes, homework, worksheets, and projects should be kept in a folder or binder.  There will be a checklist stating the requirements for each folder on Schoology.  Should you request a re-do on a summative assessment, you must provide this information.